Magic Temple (Digitally restored)

Magic Temple (Digitally restored)

May 19, 2017
About The Show
Samadi, the world that is maintaining the balance in the magical and the human world, is threatened as it falls into destruction under the cruel hands of the wretched Ravenal (Jackie Lou Blanco), a greedy and powerful sorceress who wishes to rule both worlds. Samadi's last hope for salvation lies in the hands of three young boys; Jubal (Jason Salcedo), Sambag (Junell Hernando) and Omar (Marc Solis) - warriors who have been trained by Sifu (JunHernando), the legendary magician from Samadi. With their powers, Jubal, Sambag and Omar journey to Samadi to restore peace and vanquish the evil Ravenal once and for all.
Fantasy, Adventure
Gina Pareño, Jason Salcedo, Marc Solis

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