Emergency Couple - Episode 6

Emergency Couple
Emergency Couple - Episode 6

Si Jamie ang in-assign ni Christian na maging intern doctor-in-charge sa mama ni Calvin. Magpapasa rin siya ng resignation letter para hindi na madamay ang buong ER department sa kasalanan niya.

May 26, 2017
About The Show
Jamie led a satisfying life as a dietitian until she met Calvin, a medical school student. But despite of his family's opposition they decided to get married. Calvin came from a family of doctors and they believe that Jamie is not good enough for him, which prompts them to cut him off, financially. He gave up his medical internship and worked as a pharmaceutical salesman in order to earn money, but their married life turned out to be unhappy which eventually led to divorce. Years later, they meet again as interns at the same hospital where they need to work together in the emergency room for three months.
Choi Jin-Hyuk, Song Ji-hyo

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