Signal - Episode 4

Signal - Episode 4

Tama ang hinala ni Harry na sila ni Jomar ang nagiging dahilan kung bakit nag-iiba ang takbo ng Gyeonggi Nambu serial murder case. Mahuli pa kaya nila ang serial killer sa matagal nang kaso o muli silang matatakasan nito?

Jul 21, 2017
About The Show
Harry (Lee Je-hoon), is a cold case profiler who wishes to solve the crime he witnessed when he was a kid. He discovers a mysterious walkie-talkie where a detective is talking on the other line. Jomar (Cho Jin-woong), the detective on the other line, is also investigating about the sudden disappearance of Harry's classmate. The two police officers begin to communicate with each other. However, Jomar is from the year 2000 while Harry is present in the year 2015. How will two individuals living in different times be able to solve a long-standing crime?
Korean Drama

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